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Electrical contact with the conductive slip ring is slidably connected application areas , it is also known as the collector ring , rotary joints , rotary electrical interface, the slip ring , slip ring , slip ring , coils, commutator , adapters, is to achieve two relatively rotating mechanism data, signal and power transmission precision transmission devices. Particularly suitable for unrestricted continuous rotation , while the need to achieve a fixed position and the rotational position of the power or data transfer between devices.

Consisting of elastic material - brushes sliding contact surface material - electrically conductive ring , insulation materials , bonding materials , composite stent , precision bearings , dust and other ancillary parts and other components. Brush in a well- conductive properties of noble metal alloy material , was "II" type of symmetry of the conductive ring groove dual contact , with the conductive elastic pressure of the brush ring groove in sliding contact to transmit signals and currents. Is a variety of precision turntable , centrifuges and inertial navigation equipment, key components . It can be widely used in security , factory automation, electricity, finance, instrumentation, chemical, metallurgy, medical, aerospace , military, marine, transportation , construction and other mechanical and electrical equipment.
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