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  • Highest accuracy
  • High-speed data delivers
  • Super long product life
  • Lowest electricity voice
  • Perfect test process

Fiber optic and high frequency Series

  • Fiber Optic Rotary Joints,single mode and 12 circuits, can be integrated with electrical slip ring.
  • Unique advantages to transmit high frequency signal and high speed digital signal.
  • Transimission rate for high frequency is up to 40GHz.
  • High-speed serial digital signal or analog signal transimission.
Model PDF Diameter Channels Electric current Voltage


Diameter * Length

Opto electronic hybrid slip ring Opto electronic hybrid slip ring --- 1-12 rings fiber optic or/and 1-72 rings power 5A,10A or/and signal Power:600VAC/VDC, Singal:240VAC as customers' request 600Rpm
Fiber optic slip ring Fiber optic slip ring --- 1-12 rings power or/and signal --- --- --- 0-2000Rpm
Coaxial rotary joint Coaxial rotary joint --- 1-8 rings --- --- --- 50Rpm
Multi-way rotary joint Multi-way rotary joint --- 1-8 ways --- --- ---

HRM has ten thousand kinds of near product model numbers currently, the above model number only has more demands, pleases contact us for representing sex product, if!

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