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Currently, developing very rapidly filling machine , filling machine in the food industry , beverage industry , daily chemical industry and so widely used, along with the emergence of aquatic products , the packaging technology and equipment have put forward new demands. Food industry : Currently , food packaging machinery increasing competition , the future of food filling machinery will be coordinated with industrial automation , packaging equipment to promote the overall level of increase , the development of multi-functional, high-efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment.


Daily chemical industry , filling machine the fastest in the industry , cosmetics and some toothpaste , shoe polish products are inseparable Dengri filling machine filling, many companies are also accelerating the production thus replaced with new filling equipment conventional filling equipment, so to speed up the production efficiency . Since Japanese market, the rapid consumption , which led to the filling machine in daily chemical industry, the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry , some of the liquid or viscous liquid filling drugs are derived from the filling machine filling . Such as: three oral liquid , loquat paste, you can use various pesticides or liquid filling machine liquid filling machine for filling . In addition , the chemical industry and special paste or liquid products filling machine can be used for filling , so you can ensure product quality and reduce pollution.
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